To purchase meal plans, please contact the Campus Life office at (615) 966-6062 or by visiting their website:

The Bison Cafe is “all-you-care-to-eat” for every meal, seven days a week.  We welcome you to eat as much as you wish, but we do encourage you to think healthy.  Take only what you can eat, and you are always welcome to come back for seconds.

No, they will not. If you miss a meal during the week or do not eat all of the meals (Unlimited, 12, 7 or 4) you are entitled to within any given week, the meal(s) WILL NOT carry over into the following week.  Meal periods run from Friday morning to Thursday evening. Any meals not eaten during that week are not transferable or refundable. The Commuter meal plan offers students a number of meals for the entire semester with no weekly limits. Any meals not used at semester's end will not carry over to the following semester.

Dining Dollars is the declining balance part of your meal plan that can be spent at the customer’s option in all dining operations. It operates very much like a debit card. As the money is spent in places such as the Food Court, Toss, Starbucks, and Au Bon Pain, the purchases are subtracted from the beginning balance. Your Dining Dollars may also be used in the Dining Hall in addition to the "meals per week or semester" of your meal plan.

The Bison Cash program was created for Lipscomb University Students, Faculty and Staff to be the ultimate complement to the university dining experience.  With Bison Cash, your campus ID card can be used at all on-campus Lipscomb Dining locations. You, your friends and family will be able to reload the funds online 24/7.  Bison Cash will be available for  purchase online at

If you purchase a meal plan, dining dollars are attached to the plan. Bison Cash may be purchased as an  addition to Dining Dollars and can be refilled throughout the year. Dining Dollars and Bison Cash are for on-campus Lipscomb Dining locations only. Dining dollars carry over from Fall to Spring semester with the purchase of a Spring meal plan but expire at the end of the Spring semester. Bison Cash will rollover from semester to semester and year to year until graduation. Neither Bison Cash nor Dining Dollars are refundable.

Dining Dollars will roll over from the fall semester to the spring semester, with the purchase of a spring semester meal plan. Dining Dollars will NOT roll over from the spring semester to the fall semester. Dining Dollars is non-refundable. Any Dining Dollars remaining will be lost if not used by the end of the spring semester.

Currently, take-out meals will not be allowed outside the Bison Café.

Yes! Visit our nutrition tab where you will find information on healthy eating, plant-based diets and food allergies. For more information, please contact our dietitian, Kara Miller at

No, all students must use their own valid Student ID Card to dine. 

All Meal Plans must be paid during Fee Assessment (first two weeks of each semester) or a deferment Plan must be set up through the Bursar's Office located in the Administration Building.

The following are FAQ for the Academy:

A meal consists of an entrée, two sides, drink and dessert.

Mustang Money is a program where funds are placed on the student ID card to use in the dining hall, just like a debit card. These funds may be used to purchase menu items at a la carte pricing or to purchase items not included in the meal plan such as ice cream.  If the card is lost or stolen, the funds will be linked to the replaced student ID card. Mustang Money rolls over from semester to semester and each year that the student is enrolled.

Click on the SHOP NOW tab to purchase meal plans and Mustang Money.

The annual meal plan expires on the last day of school in May. The semester and 3 per week meal plans expire at the end of each semester that you purchase it. Any meals not used on the 15 Block meal plan that is purchased in the fall, will roll over to the spring but will expire on the last day of school in May.